Why your Business could benefit from Industrial Doors

There are, of course, a whole host of different kinds of industrial doors on the market, each with some distinct benefits depending on your individual requirements. But whether you opt for high speed or standard industrial roller shutter doors, sectional overhead doors, automatic or steel-hinged doors there are also some universal advantages to getting some specialist industrial doors installed, as this article will explain.

Insulation and reduced heat loss

Most industrial doors come with the option of insulation and some have other features (for instance high speed roller shutter doors, that close quickly – reducing heat loss) that help with keeping the cold out. Insulated industrial doors are ideal for many businesses, especially those specialising in food or medical storage and transportation of a wide range of goods. Temperature control of products can be critical and such industrial doors prevent warm or cold air from the outside world entering the controlled environment. In addition, for businesses not relying on keeping a constant temperature for inventory purposes, there are still benefits from keeping colder temperatures out. Reduced heating bills and a reduction in carbon footprint are not to be scoffed at.

Increased fire protection

It is hard to argue that fire is not one of the biggest fears for anyone running out of an industrial warehouse or other building, so it makes sense to take as many precautions as possible to prevent fire from causing damage. In addition to the obvious candidates such as sprinkler systems, fireproof doors and of course alarm systems industrial doors with shutters are specifically made to provide safety to people and buildings in the event of fires. You can even link them to the alarm system and the doors can be set up to react as the alarm is tripped. Industrial doors with shutters are often capable of providing around half an hour extra escape time in the event of a fire.


There is no secret surrounding the increased security that specialist doors can offer and as many industrial door solutions involve highly robust metals such as steel, there is a definite boost as far as security is concerned. Choosing high speed roller shutter doors offers a further security advantage as there is less time that the doors are kept open (as they are easy to open and close quickly) and the mechanism of opening and closing is achieved rapidly too.

Speed and efficiency

Having specialist industrial doors often yields an efficiency upturn as such doors are usually built with speed in mind. Industrial operations depend largely on everyone being able to carry out their roles efficiently and swiftly and if there is a tendency for a building to develop traffic on the floor due to slow, antiquated industrial doors then it will have a dramatic impact on the overall efficiency of the business. The best modern industrial doors are built to tackle this issue so that staff can go about their roles with minimal interruption and frustration.

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