Manual vs Automated Roller Shutters

Roller shutters make a huge difference to a great many commercial properties nationwide in a wide range of industries, providing increased security, safety and efficiency. When confronted with making a choice as to which specific roller shutters are best for your particular situation you will inevitably need to choose between manual and automated models. When shutters get over a certain size and weight limit they will need to be automatically operated, so depending on the size you need, you may need to opt for an automated design. Automated models are usually operated using a touchpad but when additional security is needed can be fitted with code-entry systems or fingerprint readers. The majority of automated models come with a manual override function in case of emergency.

The benefits of electric (automated) roller shutter doors

  • Speed, convenience, security and efficiency

Having the automated version of the roller shutter door will allow you to open and close your door quickly, which speeds up operations and makes for a more efficient job but also encourages safe, secure practice. There can be a tendency with manual shutter doors  to leave them open more often owing to the hassle involved in opening and closing, which can represent something of a security risk.

  • Safety

Automated roller shutters are generally very safe to operate as they work on a very simple premise and can be fitted with safety devices that recognise if someone or even a very small part of someone, is in the way, preventing accidents from happening.

  • Energy saving

As previously mentioned there can be a bit of a tendency to leave manual doors open, but with automated doors they are very easy and quick to open and close, which can be great for keeping heat in or out depending on the nature of your business and the climatic conditions in which you operate. They are also very well insulated. All of this not only boosts your environmental profile but helps save on energy costs and regulate the temperature of the working environment for your staff.

Automated shutters are also great when those on site are not blessed with the physical strength to operate manual models. Even if this is not an issue, there is still a considerable time-saving benefit to electric shutters.

When will manual shutters suffice?

Manual roller shutter doors do when used properly (training and diligence recommended) bring a great many of the security, convenience and security boosts of automated shutters at a lower cost. For smaller working environments such as small shops or businesses (where they will be kept open for most of the day) they are a perfectly good choice. If the shutters are only opened in the morning and closed and secured at the close of play, manual shutters are a solid, no nonsense choice. Manual shutters will require a degree of physical strength for operation, so if there are a few roller shutters across the premises, or larger shutters then automated models will be more appropriate.

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