Industrial Noise Issues & 3 Great Solutions

Industrial or occupational noise is a problem that relates to environmental health and safety as opposed to just having nuisance value. As has been found out at the expense of millions of workers across the world, industrial noise over a sustained period is capable of causing permanent hearing damage or even loss. Among those industries most severely affected by noise issues are the construction and demolition industries. Fortunately, thanks to constant restless research and development in the noise abatement sector, there are a wide variety of solutions to the problem of industrial noise, some of which shall be outlined here.

Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic louvres are fundamental in most noise abatement solutions, providing a screen around many noise producing structures and large equipment.

Louvres are capable of reducing noise pollution that originates from plant cooling towers, air handling systems in all different kinds of buildings and especially the likes of power stations, chemical treatment plants and offshore drilling stations as well as noisy boiler rooms in industrial operation buildings and industrial vacuum cleaners that make more noise than you think. In addition acoustic louvres are an ideal addition to an environmentally sound structure and furthermore are aesthetically pleasing and can be seamlessly integrated in all designs and styles.

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors can provide an exceptional solution when it comes to sealing off a room that contains especially noisy machinery or equipment. Doors can be tailor-made on a bespoke arrangement to suit the individual situation and noise criteria.

Any company who installs acoustic doors should do a complete evaluation including checking ventilation requirements of the room as sealing off an area can increase heat and reduce air flow, which can cause a fire risk. This should, of course be addressed and explained prior to installation. All acoustic doors are made to be a precise fit for the aperture and the frame is sealed within to ensure a perfect fit. Various thicknesses of acoustic doors are available dependent on the level of noise reduction required.

Noise Havens

Noise havens and sound absorption enclosures are wonderful feats of engineering designed for the express purpose of providing areas of respite for operators of machinery in noisy work environments. They have been successfully adopted in power plants, water and chemical treatment plants and many other industrial operations. There are a range of different designs, the suitability of which is dependent on individual requirements. There are smaller havens that are suitable for one or two operators which can be constructed simply, using panel and bolted methods and then there are larger noise havens that are best suited when there are more operators and can be made from intermediate panels mounted in a framework. In terms of the materials used, pre-galvanized steel or stainless steel outer skins are used, both of which retains acoustic media. Meanwhile, the acoustic media typically used is inert, fire-proof, non-hygroscopic, vermin-resistant and coated in a water-resistant membrane to prevent moisture-related damage.

All three of these industrial noise abatement systems can be used in conjunction with each other, providing great tools in the fight against industrial noise issues.

John Hinds

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