How to Spot When Your Industrial Doors need Repair or Maintenance

If your lucky enough to benefit from industrial doors and the boost they offer to efficiency, safety, crime prevention and related security issues then you will no doubt understand how vital it is that they are kept in good working order. The safety of your staff, the security of your inventory and property all could depend on this. With all this in mind this article will run down some of the telltale signs that your industrial door(s) could do with some maintenance or repair work.

Something Sounds Different

Often equipment is giving our ears a clue that something isn’t right, before it sends any signal to our eyes. In fact equipment might only look in need of repair when it’s too late (like your car, for instance) and if your industrial doors are starting to sound unusual then it is very likely that something is amiss. If you are hearing any banging, grinding or grating or unusual squeaking that is not improved with a bit of WD40 then it could easily be a sign that the door is in need of repair. In this case it is always worth seeking out a qualified engineer who is experienced in servicing industrial doors.

Slow moving mechanism or poor opening and closing functionality

If the usual speedy response time of your door’s operation is lacking it is definitely a cause for concern. Your industrial door should begin to open or close within seconds of sending the command and any lengthy delay is a sure-fire sign that your door needs maintenance.

If your door is failing to open or close properly then it is almost certainly a security issue and any jamming when closing is a major cause for concern. Usually jams can be a fairly quick and easy repair but it is not worth delaying and an engineer should be called out as soon as the issue is noticed.

Sagging of industrial door sections

Testing the balance of an industrial door is recommended at least every six months. This test involves the disconnection of the door. Using manual operation, the door should be left open at the midway point and should not either rise or fall. If it does then it is likely that a component is faulty and a minor repair is necessary. This test helps to keep industrial doors in tip-top condition.


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