Guide to Securing your Business Premises

As the criminal organisations responsible for break-ins evolves apace, constantly seeking new ways of avoiding security measures it is essential that small, medium and large businesses alike undertake regular security reviews to ensure they minimise the potential for disaster in the form of security breaches. The best way to approach securing your business premises is to avoid over-reliance on any one piece of technology, instead adopting a multi-pronged approach so that if any one facet falls short there are others in place.

It is worth beginning by stating that there is no single security strategy that is universally applicable to all businesses. Each organisation will have its own distinct requirements, weaknesses and assets that need protecting, which will in a way require a bespoke approach to security. There are, however a whole host of tips that are universally applicable. Let’s delve in.

Carry out a review

  • Establishing a baseline position for the state of your existing security is vital before you can consider where it needs improving. A reputable security company will be best placed to help with this. The sorts of questions that should be asked include: 

    • How many and how secure are your entrances?
    • Do you have a controlled access system? Can you adopt one if not?
    • Where are your most valuable assets stored and are they secure?
    • Would you be made aware rapidly should anything valuable go missing?
    • What is your fire safety like?


Install industrial roller shutter doors

Industrial roller shutter doors are an incredibly efficient barrier to crime. Their galvanised steel foundation makes them very secure and the fact that the doors are mechanised so they can be open and closed swiftly encourages good security practice and leaves an impossibly narrow window for most criminals, as long as the doors are used properly.

Make sure repairs are carried out promptly

If any door latches or windows are damaged it is vital that they are repaired instantly as these frailties leave your premises extremely vulnerable to intrusion.

Secure your perimeter

Much like in military strategy, securing the perimeter of the business premises goes a long way towards ensuring no breaches happen. Effective walls or fences are key, as are car park gates that can be locked and secured, while prominent, efficient lighting is an excellent deterrent.

Security procedures

As with golf, it’s no good having all the gear and no idea. You need to have a very well organised and transparent (within the business) protocol for security. One individual should be in charge of the security program to avoid any confusion and passing the buck. Training and awareness needs to be imparted on all members of staff and signage should be clear and unambiguous. In addition you should ensure that alarm codes are changed regularly and each key / keyholder is accounted for.


Information is power. This requires a great deal of time and effort and outsourcing is almost always recommended. Choose a local IT support company for the best service and response times and make sure they understand the nature of your business so they can come up with the best solutions for you.

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