Guide To Industrial Door Maintenance & Servicing

When running a business it is all too easy to push some things to push to the back of your mind. One such example is the maintenance and servicing of your industrial doors. Of course, like most things, time and use can lead to disrepair of your doors which can have bad implications for your premises and business. If you were to change this by regularly servicing and maintaining your industrial doors you could benefit your business and buildings in ways you would not imagine.

The legal obligation



As a business owner you are obligated to make sure that all of your premises are kept safe for your employees, to help mitigate against work related accidents for your staff. If this obligation is not fulfilled then you could be faced with compensation costs – leading to insurance hikes as a result. Doubly worse would be the result of your door causing an accident if it had not been subjected to the regular maintenance as recommended by the HSE Workplace Regulations act of 1992. In such circumstances you could face severe punishment. Why take the risk? Ensuring that regular maintenance and servicing is carried out by professionals will dramatically reduce the risk of you being found culpable should anything happen.


One serious implication of letting any fixture deteriorate over time is the prospect of a costly refit. Regularly servicing and maintaining your expensive industrial doors will extend its life substantially. Qualified professionals are able to identify any minor issues with your door before they escalate, rendering repairs far more expensive. They will also be able to help prevent faults from reoccurring. The cost of replacing industrial doors is not to be scoffed at and regular servicing and maintenance is definitely worth its weight in gold.

Cut out malfunctions

Regular servicing and maintenance of your industrial doors will help to keep it in optimal working order and reduce the risk of costly downtime. If your industrial doors were to malfunction then the security of the building could be compromised, necessitating expensive manned security and putting your building at risk from burglars. You could even be forced to close down some of your operations should some key industrial doors malfunction. This is never a welcome event and could cost your business a great deal of money, not to mention the stress and anxiety that can result.

What can I do?

In addition to the maintenance and servicing that will be carried out by the specialists, there are a few things you can do in between services to help reduce the risk of problems:

You should ensure that:

  • There is no visible damage to any parts of the door.
  • Users do not exert excessive force when operating the door.
  • Any damage is immediately dealt with, by reporting to your maintenance contractor.
  • The door and its components are kept clean, well-oiled and free from dust.
  • Your industrial doors comply with all of the safety requirements laid down by law.


John Hinds

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