The Benefits of Steel Framed Construction

Steel framed buildings offer a number of advantages over buildings with frames of wood or other materials, the crux of which come down to four key concepts: Affordability; Speed; Durability and Sustainability. Steel is wonderfully versatile as a building material – a characteristic which has led to its widespread use throughout the construction process, from floor joists to roofing materials and of course framing.

Light as a feather

Well, not quite, but steel in frames is considerably lighter than wood. A 2×4 of steel may weigh more than a 2×4 of wood as a result of its density, however, where framing is concerned, the steel I-beam features such a technical design that it will nearly always weigh less than its wooden counterpart. Why does this matter? Well, not only does it cut down on labour costs and carbon footprint, it will reduce shipping costs and also reduce the need for complex building designs where foundation and structure are concerned.

Ready in a flash

In construction, the axiom time equals money is particularly true and of course if you are a company focused on expansion in and around your ongoing business centre then getting the work done quickly is a prime concern. Fast-tracking of a building project is never a good idea as it involves cutting corners and the likelihood of human error rises, however what if the time-scale is cut based on choice of frame material? That is precisely the case with steel buildings as the parts are pre-engineered to architectural design off-site, ready to be erected, reducing time spent on this phase considerably. There is no need for cutting or measuring on-site and human error is largely eliminated. This, of course, all also results in disturbance of surrounding offices or warehouses being kept to a bare minimum.

Save money and be green

The time and labour reduction results in cost benefit on initial outlay but also steel framed buildings are easily maintained (you will save thousands over a steel framed building’s lifetime) and will carry with them great lifetime savings. In addition, steel is recyclable and construction waste will not go to landfill, which saves fees and improves your company’s green image. There are also subsidized programs around the country which involve having your steel construction waste collected at zero cost.

Nature proof

Steel structures are primed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions, from heavy snow to strong winds and fire as well as being more resistant to pests. This will also contribute to cost-saving on maintenance as well as insurance, with many companies offering reduced premiums.

Future proof

The fact that the steel frame consists of pieces of steel essentially bolted together, the idea of an extension can often be fulfilled with minimal cost and disturbance. Steel is incredibly versatile and this is a major benefit. In addition, steel framed buildings can be tastefully fitted with steel hinged doors or roller shutter doors depending on what you intend to use your building for. Steel not only provides the best long-term value in the door and frame industry, but it is more durable than wood, cheaper to maintain and gives unrivalled security, fire ratings and sound proofing as well as sanitation.

John Hinds

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