The Benefits Of Roller Shutter Doors

If you want to protect your home or business from thieves and vandals then it pays to install the best possible protection for your premises. Industrial roller shutter doors not only keep your building secure, they can also help protect stored items from the elements in warehouses, factories, schools, retail outlets and most other types of business establishment. In more rural areas farmers can protect valuable machinery and equipment overnight by fitting roller shutters on barns. Installing roller shutters can even help reduce your insurance premiums and in some areas is a necessity if you want to keep your building secure when it’s not in use.

How Roller Shutters Work

There are different types of manual and industrial roller shutter doors available that are designed to suit different purposes. They are typically made from specially treated metal or fibreglass that’s extremely durable. Roller shutter doors open vertically and are a neat and compact way to increase security. Whereas some doors require a tracking mechanism inside your building, this isn’t necessary with roller shutter doors, which leaves more room for storage. Doors come in a range of sizes and are quick and simple to operate. Manual systems are generally operated by a pulley to the side of the door. Industrial roller shutters would normally use a remote control system.

Why Choose Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?

If you own or lease an industrial building, warehouse or factory and want to improve your building security then industrial roller shutter doors are a great choice.

  • Roller shutter doors are built to the highest standards and can easily withstand the daily wear and tear associated with an industrial setting.
  • Super-strong doors will also be resistant to break ins both on foot and in a vehicle.
  • A roller door is ideal for keeping an entrance way closed in your building, so that the area inside can be kept warm during the winter. In terms of insulation, fibreglass will do a better job than metal so opt for this material if you want your building to be warmer. The area at the back of the door can also be fitted with an industrial curtain to help with heat retention.
  • Unlike conventional garage style doors which are often used in industrial spaces, roller shutter doors open vertically rather than opening out. This means the space in front of the door can be utilised more easily and vehicles can be parked right up to the door,making loading and unloading much easier.
  • In addition to being tough and strong, many industrial roller shutters are also graffiti resistant which will help deter vandals from damaging your building.
  • If your priority is increasing privacy rather than security you can choose a lightweight door in a material like uPVC which will help keep your space private.


Stay Secure

When it comes to business security there are several things that every owner should consider. To properly secure your premises make sure you’ve got an adequate alarm system, security lights and that your entrances are kept locked and secure when not in use with industrial roller shutters.

Jason Hinds

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