Sectional Overhead Doors

Advanced technology with high insulation

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Sectional Overhead Doors

Combine top quality and advanced technology with high insulation requirements. Maximum vision and elegance can also be achieved.

These sectional overhead roller shutter doors can be manually operated (via a pull down rope or geared hoist) or automatically by a range of motors and control systems.

Doors are made up of 40 mm thick insulated panels which are formed from high density, fire resistant, CFC free urethane cores. Incorporating a unique finger safe profile, the panels provide a u-value of 0.60 w/mzk, which is higher than the requirements for current building regulations.

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  • Available in wide a range of colours and materials, including HP200 or architectural polyester.
  • Steel or aluminium facings
  • Outside facing panel sheets can be stucco embossed with polyester finish or smooth with plastisol finish, in colours from our standard range.
  • Vision panels are available in a variety of sizes and patterns, acrylic double and fully sealed. Sectional overhead doors provide solutions for many different applications.
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