Auto Doors

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Auto Doors

Our auto doors are available in a variety of options. From single sliding doors to double sliding doors and concertina doors.They are manufactured to fit your specific requirements and are available in a variety of options, including colours and glazing.

We also supply a vast array of door access control which are designed to fit the legal requirements for disabled access.

Auto Doors are particularly well suited  for premises with  heavy traffic, both in large (supermarkets, hotels, airports, hospitals) and in small and medium buildings (commercial offices, chemists, post offices, banks, restaurants) The most important feature of such a door system is its their silent movement when opening and closing, plus dynamic stability with quick and easy installation.

Firstly EN16005 and BS7036 are not legal documents, they are guidance notes (ACOP) on how automatic doors can be supplied and installed to comply with the legal requirements of the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC. EN16005 exists as a guide for a generic standard throughout Europe. Countries that have existing codes of practice, ie: the UK (with BS7036), EN16005 is viewed as a minimum standard and is implemented where the BS falls short. If our existing BS7036 exceeds the requirements of EN16005 then we follow the higher standard. Later this year BS7036 will be re-written to encompass EN16005 and be re-titled BS7036-0:2013.

DIsabled Access Auto Doors

The requirements laid out in EN16005 are not back dateable and only apply to new installations after 1st April 2013. System modifications that include the replacement of BOTH the control unit and the motor (during the same sequence of works) must then comply with EN16005. Replacement of the motor and control board carried out separately will be viewed as maintenance and will not be required to comply.

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